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@lee is it correct that rewrite-clj does not have a way to print out nodes so they can be read back in by read-string and friends? i was thinking it might be interesting / useful to be able to send results of rz/of-string to rebl / punk for examination.


i looked at node/protocols and am not seeing any switches there...have some vague memory of being able to see some kind of alternate representations for something rewrite-clj-related...


i disabled make-printable! and now rz/of-string results are examinable via at least punk...will try rebl next


works in rebl too 🙂


i wonder if there's a better way to toggle the make-printable! behavior


Hi @sogaiu! I do remember working to add make-printable support to on the cljs side of rewrite-cljc to match clj side behavior. So I think you are saying the override of the default print behavior is not always so helpful. Nothing is coming to mind - I’ll take a little look and get back to you sometime soon.


anytime @sogaiu! I was starting to miss our rewrite-clj* chats. simple_smile