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@lee me too 🙂 btw, here's a taste of what can be done.


rewrite-clj data and rebl


Interesting! You know what? I still have not tried rebl yet. Maybe I’ll give it a go this weekend.


please do 🙂


@sogaiu what editor do you use with REBL? (if any). I am using spacemacs with cider and am wondering it works with that combo. I see Sean Corfield’s video on using atom and REBL…


i use at least emacs (though not cider) and atom. i have heard folks have used rebl with cider, though i don't immediately recall about with spacemacs. don't know if this will help, but there is:


btw, iiuc, if you tap> something, it is often accessible via the tap pane of the bottom left window. from there, you can click on the browse button and the item should end up in the browse pane.


Thanks! That wiki link is terse but it might just lead me to something that works!


i don't know much about the convenience-side, but if you don't mind something low-level, after you (require '[cognitect.rebl :as cr]) and then (cr/ui), you can (tap> {:a :whatever}). there is a (cr/submit "some string" value) which you can use too.


@lee a bit off-topic perhaps, but do you know if the cljdoc project is thinking to index code for the projects that use them for docs? if they ever do, it seems like it could be a nice resource to find out about typical source code usage


@lee ah, interesting link, thanks for that. i was thinking about the sorts of things mentioned at: -- the links there probably don't work, but i think some can be seen via