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Hi All, I am the hiring manager at the exciting Crypto/NFT startup. We have completed $15 million Series A funding and looking for experienced Clojure and Datalog engineers for our Data Engineering team. Our Data Engineering stack is Clojure, Datalog/XTDB (formerly Crux DB), and GraphQL (Lacinia/Pedestal). You’ll also have an opportunity to work with the Smart Contracts protocols. We offer a competitive salary and full benefits. The position is U.S.-based and fully remote. The majority of the team is located in New York City. Please apply through Lever where you can also find a detailed job description: To learn more about the company and the team visit: You can learn more about our product at:

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Jody hilton (spammer)18:02:42

I’m looking for 1 contract Clojure developer 100% remote Hourly rate $110 hour must be based in the US. Do you know any that would be interested in this position? Thanks for your Help!

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