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I'm grateful to @p-himik for all the help I get no matter in which channel I ask. Amazing. And I love that I get the help in the spirit of ”teach a man how to fish”. Thanks! ❤️ gratitude

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I had the pleasure to meet @p-himik a few weeks ago and I learned I was the first Clojurian he met in real life (or some similar awesome statistic). It was a pleasure to meet him in person and I agree with @U0ETXRFEW that he's been very helpful over here; especially I appreciate how I helped me with his CLJS knowledge.

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Indeed you were the first, Michiel. :)


That's funny. I met my first Clojurian, @UQY3M3F6D, before meeting Clojure. 😃 I'd say he is the reason I became a Clojurian.

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I am grateful to @domagala.lukas that he just improved the Calva project a lot! We will have to try to not go crazy with this, but just to have some sanity checks guarding us from some fuck-ups will make it a much nicer experience to publish new releases.

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Cora (she/her)16:02:01

seconded, thanks @domagala.lukas!!

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Amazing work @domagala.lukas!

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