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Lukas Domagala11:02:58

Great work! I really like getting access to portal.ui.state . I do need to find some time to get back into writing portal stuff… We really need a portal and a @U1G869VNV logo so that we can react with it but also advertise 🙂

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R.A. Porter12:02:44

Don't forget to post in #releases

Ferdinand Beyer21:02:42

Hey! After upgrading the VS Code extension to 0.21.0, portals won’t open anymore. In the extension screen, it shows me an error (screenshot). Downgrading to 0.20.1 solves this for me.


Dang, thanks for the report. Will look into it when I get some time :thumbsup:


What operating system is this?

Ferdinand Beyer22:02:19

macOS monterey on a m1 mac

djblue22:02:43 should fix this issue and is currently being released 👌

Ferdinand Beyer22:02:44

Let me know if I can help debug somehow, unfortunately I have no glue about VS code extensions 🙂

Ferdinand Beyer22:02:03

You rock!

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Should be available now, let me know if that works for you

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Ferdinand Beyer23:02:01

Works! Thank you!!

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