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So I'm trying to use :npm-module and running into this issue Except mine is

internal module error, no mod for dep:[ "goog/promise/promise.js"]
{:dep [ "goog/promise/promise.js"]}
ExceptionInfo: internal module error, no mod for dep:[ "goog/promise/promise.js"]
Happy to try to work on a reproducing case. Just wanted to see given its similarity to the existing issue if there is anything I should be looking at or could possibly do to fix the issue. (Sadly :node-library is not an option and one of my deps doesn't play well with :esm.)


@jimmy which shadow-cljs version is this? this shouldn't be an issue with any not super old version?


the issue you linked has the fix?


Sorry for the bother. I had checked I was on the latest version. But did not notice that someone was overriding the version in the alias I was using to build this. Works fine on the latest version. Thanks


Hi, @thheller. I'm trying to use defclass from your shadow.cljs.modern namespace, but I keep getting errors like "cannot infer target on expression". For example, at this code:

(modern/defclass TextEditor
  (constructor [this params])
  (sommething [this]))


I get:

Cannot infer target type in expression (. (. TextEditor -prototype) -sommething)


yeah, still need to sort out some edge cases. you can just (set! *warn-on-infer* false) before the defclass and back to true after