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Carsten Behring10:02:53

A new release 0.3.1. of opencpu-clj, a Clojure client to , is available. It was updated to match with small changes in the public opencpu cloud server at

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Ivar Refsdal11:02:06

I'm pleased to announce, a Clojure (JVM) library to paginate vectors and maps according to the GraphQL Cursor Connections Specification. I spent way more time on this than I thought I would, so hopefully it is useful to someone 😅

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This is a great idea. Do you plan to support cljs eventually? Also, adding an adapter for the new Clojure Iterator on top of this will make it even more appealing imho

Ivar Refsdal12:02:27

Thanks! Not any plans for cljs per se, but I don't think it should be hard to port. The java/JVM specific things is just type hints and an improvement to pr-str usage. Note that this library is for the data serving side, not sure how common cljs servers/backends are? The new Clojure iterator is neat. I am not quite sure what you mean here though. Are you suggesting that 1. clj-paginate should support Clojure Iterator as input in addition to vectors and maps, or are you suggesting that a 2. client side consumer could consume a graphql cursor pagination using the new clojure iterator? For 1. I don't think it's a very good match. Clj-paginate needs a sorted and indexed collection of some sort, at least that is how it resumes giving out data. I think 2. is fine, but I'm not sure how it would support what I've termed "long polling", that is: sleeping for a while and then checking if there is more data. But if long polling is not needed, it's absolutely a good match I think. I wrote a simple gist for this some time back:


I’m primarily thinking about #2 in re-frame apps

Sam Ritchie14:02:50

Announcing v0.21.1 of the #sicmutils computer algebra system! The big feature of this release is an exported #clj-kondo config that can lint all #sicmutils macros. • Clojars: • detailed release notes: • Linter docs and installation instructions on cljdoc: I went overboard thanks to the wonderful hooks API, so the linter now provides surgical advice to pattern-matching authors and users of other binding macros. #clj-kondo is some amazing Lispy sorcery. Thank you @borkdude for your help! Cheers!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)17:02:52

Clojure is now available, functionally same as beta1 • Add 1.11 changelog • Add more tests for parse-double If you haven't tried 1.11 with your project yet, now is the time! We would love to know there's an issue before we release rather than after. You can review the

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The change log says "CLJ-2664 Add namespace, wrappers for java.lang.Math" which might be confusing for folks, given that it ended up being called clojure.math -- is it worth rewording that to clarify the end result in 1.11?


Whoa that keyword argument feature is awesome! Thank you!!


😅 Hah yeah missed that but Alex's link covers the full changelog


We had Alpha 1 in production pretty quickly so that we could take advantage of that -- it's great!

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Just tried 1.11-rc1 on an application codebase with 500+ integration tests and maybe 5/6000 assertions - all green no errors discovered here!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:02:37

Thanks, appreciate the report!


You’re welcome, we appreciate the clojure development 🙇


@U04V70XH6 "... it ended up being called `clojure.math` -- is it worth rewording that to clarify the end result in 1.11?" I'm a beginner and was looking for a clojure math library. I kept trying to (require [clojure.math :as math]) because I saw it in the repo. After I searched Slack and found this message, I tried changing my clojure version in lein to 1.11.0-rc1 and it fixed my compilation error. 😆 This was just an anecdote from a lost n00b, but I had no problem finding clojure.math.


We have RC 1 on our QA/staging systems now and it should be on our production systems by the middle of next week.


(we have a mix of Alpha 4 and Beta 1 in production right now)


Just tried 1.11.0-rc1 on another project 346 tests, 1393 assertions all green


Just FYI: we have RC 1 in production for all processes now.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:02:39

Anyone else out there testing 1.11.0-rc1? If you have feedback (good or bad) please let us know!


I tried RC1 with a couple of our biggest test suites and no issues so far


Everyone running the latest babashka has been trying out beta1 :-) - So far I haven't heard any issues related to that.

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Daniel Jomphe21:02:23

Ran our test suite with RC 1 locally over Datomic Cloud's dev-local tooling. All fine. This is a Datomic Cloud Ion product, so a real migration depends on you. 🙂 Bumping it back down until then...


We used alpha3 then beta1 and are slowly rolling out rc1 as services receive updates, no problems exerienced so far. Math additions are great!


rc1 works fine. Smallish code base, but reasonably good tests.


The latest clojure-lsp (released today) is built with rc1. lsp 2022.02.23-12.12.12. No issues reported so far, or at least none that I’ve heard about.


no issues so far :thumbsup:


Ran the test suites with 1.11.0-rc1 for five Clojure projects I work on (~100,000 lines of Clojure). All green. :thumbsup:


We have rc1 in production. No issues. (~50 kloc of Clojure).

Sam Ritchie14:03:00

@U064X3EF3 all tests pass with no changes on, 27k loc and 7k tests. (just a batch of warnings from abs, update-keys and update-vals in various dependencies:

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Just released vim-iced ver 3.8.0, Clojure Interactive Development Environment for Vim8/Neovim. Added support for jumping to protocol implementations(requires clj-kondo v2022.02.09 or later) and storing evaluated results to numbered registers.

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