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Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:03:17

I have done a prerelease of the Clojure CLI ( that switches git/ssh to shell out rather than using jgit/jsch. this potentially fixes many existing git/ssh issues in that it is just shelling out to git, so if it works there, it should work through clj. I would love to see any and all tire-kicking on this: • public https repos • https repos with user/pw auth (not previously supported, subject to whatever credentials you have set up through git) • private ssh git repos • newer key exchange methods like ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 • .ssh/config options that didn't work before • ed25519 identity keys • concurrency issues in parallel downloads (I think this is improved but I never had a working repro for it) • doesn't work on M1 macs • Windows • CI systems like Travis/Circle/etc when you're testing, don't forget that a) git dirs and working trees are cached in ~/.gitlibs - consider selectively clearing/moving that while testing), and b) classpaths are cached in .cpcache dirs - use clj -Sforce to force that to override

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)22:03:19

On Mac/Linux brew, do something like brew uninstall clojure and brew install clojure/tools/[email protected] (you may also need to uninstall or re-link, brew will tell you) On Linux or Windows, use normal install but with the version


brew install clojure/tools/[email protected]
doesn't work for me


without the version it does work


oh sorry, I turned off brew updating, so I have to do it manually