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we've been testing an alpha of the clojure cassandra client mpenet/alia for a couple of months, and we're ready for any other mpenet/alia users to try it out and report any issues the big news is that it has been ported to [com.datastax.oss/java-driver-core "4.9.0"] and the api has been updated to reflect the (considerable) API changes in that project despite those changes, once you've gotten a session set up, usage remains very similar, and we haven't encountered any difficulties in moving our workloads over - so give it a spin and let us know if you hit any problems

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Hi folks! Clojurists Together is holding board elections for 4 new board members. If you’ve been looking to contribute to the Clojure community, this is a unique way to do so. Applications close March 31. clojurists-together You don’t need to be an experienced Clojure dev to apply, we’re looking for people from a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels. More discussion in #cljtogether

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