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Shantanu Kumar06:03:18

Is there any channel to discuss rule engines like O’Doyle, Minikusari, Clara etc?

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There is a #clara channel 🙂

bherrmann18:03:44 Always consider what domain they want to focus on when somebody asks what programming language they should learn. For example: backend: Clojure frontend: Clojure mobile: Clojure machine learning: Clojure shell scripting: Clojure games: Clojure embedded: Clojure

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Ben Sless18:03:49

hold up, there's embedded clojure?


^ yeah, what? link plz


I've got an ESP32 that runs ClojureScript


I don't think that 💯 counts tho 😛

Ben Sless20:03:14

@U4YGF4NGM embedded devices are too large a category. Imagine writing Clojure for microcontrollers. Is it even possible in any way besides superficially having similar syntax?


Clojure with arduino Clojury that compiles to C++ Clojury that has simple/easy interop with C clojurescript on esp32

Ben Sless18:03:31

Okay, I got to ask, what does the acronym ANN stand for when folks share their libraries?



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Anyone have experience with Prometheus? And can you speak to how it compares with New Relic in terms of granularity? I've used New Relic to find slow code paths in production, which was great - but for the project I'm on now we'd rather not deal with the bureaucracy of another sales pitch, so Prometheus would be awesome if it's a comparable replacement.

Pradeep B17:03:56

as per my understanding & usage, new relic is APM tool where we integrate the sdk at code level for granuler details and help identify bottleneck. It is more useable for Developer. prometheus is more of montiroing/alerting only system. I have not come across any use case where they replace each other. It is more usesable for Devops.


Thanks, that is the sense I'm getting. I'm not experienced in devops so it's hard to tell the difference.


Could you say more about the devops/developer distinction? I don't really know what that means. For example if Prometheus is designed for monitoring/alerting only but not performance monitoring, what exactly does it monitor/alert users about?


I gather this generally means higher-level stuff like response times, latency, HTTP codes, etc. without app tracing. Would be good to get some validation of that understanding from a human though. 🙂

Pradeep B05:03:42

you can monitor your api performance with Prometheus.

Pradeep B05:03:11 “Prometheus is great for monitoring metrics – and that’s it. It’s not an effective Application Performance Management (APM) tool, because it focuses solely on server-side metrics.”


Yeah, I found the client libs too and that is what convinced me I need something less manual for my use-case. Thanks for the follow-up!