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Mor Gazith07:03:50

hey guys, we’re trying to run a figwheel project we have on a co-worker’s computer and getting:

$ ./figwheel
Figwheel: Cutting some fruit, just a sec ...
Using config file dev.yaml
Using log config file log.xml
Syntax error (FileNotFoundException) compiling at (figwheel_sidecar/config.clj:1:1).
Could not locate strictly_specking_standalone/ansi_util__init.class, strictly_specking_standalone/ansi_util.clj or strictly_specking_standalone/ansi_util.cljc on classpath. Please check that namespaces with dashes use underscores in the Clojure file name.
possibly related - i’m on a macbook and it runs fine, he’s using ubuntu does anyone know what this is about, and how to solve it?


Has anyone used figwheel-main with Web Workers?