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What are people using for authentication these days? I'm trying to suss out whether buddy and/or friend are still recommended for usage, I'm not sure if their lack of activity is because they are "done" or because people are using other approaches these days. Thanks for any input


I just had that discussion with some folks in another channel and the consensus seems to be that Friend is "done" and is widely-used and Buddy is still actively maintained, although it's not obvious from the repo: it has been split into four subprojects (listed "below the fold") and at least two of those have continued to be updated recently.

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Oh, and has been updated recently too!


Thanks @seancorfield! Great to know. I hadn't spotted those sub-projects on buddy.


Which now that I look were right in front of my nose


I had missed them too -- and had been telling people "Buddy hasn't been updated for years!"... 😞 but now I know better.

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