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How can I turn reitit-frontend off for certain links? I want them to have an href, but I want reitit NOT to touch things


I can't seem to get preventDefault or preventPropogation to do it


usecase: this is for opening modals


Curious: why use a link (a tag) for this? Note: im coming from an accessibility/semantic perspective.

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@U6GNVEWQGa tag is for browser semantics. It plays correctly with screen readers, shows the target URL (allowing regular browser interactions like "copy link"), and allows for a graceful fall-back in the case of limited JS support.


@UTFAPNRPT thanks! I can work with that! Looks like it is a control handled from the router rather than from the link itself, but it a good starting point.


Hey @U0D6ZHHGS While trying to solve some other problem I just stumbled across your issue and copied above answer into it, in case someone else is having the same problem 🙂 I hope you don’t mind.