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I'm curious about the state of Are there any recent discussions / podcasts / demos or something available, or would I just have to look into the source? I'm specifically interested in what you're thinking about data / static content / xtdb / working in a data oriented manner / OpenAPI and schemas. Ok, perhaps that's not "specific" at all, but I'm curious :)


Have a look at #juxt-site, I'm not sure there's a good overview that covers everything succinctly though, maybe we will do a podcast about it soon. I guess this is the best we have so far, or maybe one of Malcolm's videos on the juxt YouTube

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Oh, new channel, thanks! 🙏 (new for me at least)


Just curious, are you working on Juxt, @U7KPK060K? Or is it sort of a side gig next to projects? I assume Juxt is using site for Juxt consulting projects?


Yes I work at juxt and am currently using Site in a consulting project

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