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Yep, a few ways to do it, thought there might be some included data I could use.


I was also looking to see if the library had any scope for adding an active CSS class on matched routes but couldn’t see anything documented?

Toni Vanhala09:01:17

CSS and route rendering are out of scope, so there is no support for that exact need. Also, the compiled routes (data) should be treated as immutable. What I do is, store the match into an atom. When using re-frame, into the app-db . Then, navigation UI components are responsible for rendering the route as “active”.


Thanks @toni.vanhala, that is good to know and a helpful starting point.

Toni Vanhala10:01:21

matched route is under :current-route in the app db


hei, someone suggested that reitit (and malli) should be sponsored by Clojurists Together, any insight what should be developed? Thanks anyway 🙇


I find all the stuff around content negotiation and coercion really confusing, to the point where i always give up and do it myself in every endpoint. more examples would probably help? you're always super helpful but i don't want to take too much of your time 😉


the docs would need some caretaking. Does someone have or knows a person who has passion and skills in writing library docs? Splitting the 9k$ for 1/3 docs, 1/3 features and 1/3 random would yield 3k$ for writing docs & samples.

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I could be interested in the docs & samples part :thinking_face:

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I might even have some bandwidth during upcoming months


Let me know if that sounds like a plan!


If you’d like to apply with multiple people send us an email first


We’d be open to it but we haven’t done it before


I have a quick question: i have some simple authorisation middleware which checks the request for some data, logging an error if that data isn't there - when my app starts it logs a lot of spec-generated data, presumably during route compilation. i'm wondering why this is?


I'm really digging reitit/swagger-ui, it's a great joy developing with it 🙂


I'm having a problem with a swagger.json that's created with parameterizing my endpoints via clojure.spec.alpha, you can find it here:


Basically it breaks swagger-ui 2.0, 3.x seems to still work fine. This sounds like a bug in swagger-ui but I have no idea what's going on, the JS console is just giving me property is undefined and the ui stays at "fetching resource list:; Please wait."


When I paste the URL into it works just fine


What would be needed to update the swagger-ui in reitit-swagger to the current 3.x version? Would love to help with that.