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mg santos07:01:27

eu sou o oposto disto 🙂

mg santos07:01:42

clojure sei 0

mg santos07:01:50

estou a começar agr devagarinho

mg santos07:01:01

estou a ler o livro do “brave …”

mg santos07:01:40

quero avançar um pouco no livro e lançar me nalgum pequeno projecto de webdev (sou web dev full stack)

mg santos07:01:02

sou tb o oposto pq nao me encontro em PT mas sim na suiça 🙂

Jivago Alves14:01:13

acho que fazes bem em começar com o “brave…”

mg santos14:01:29

esse nc tinha visto

mg santos14:01:40

dp do brave gostava de pegar num livro que fosse bem “pratico”

mg santos14:01:43

esse é assim?

Jivago Alves18:01:36

não, acho que ele é mais sobre a linguagem em si

Jivago Alves18:01:20

desculpa lá, mas se não te importares eu vou copiar aqui uma resposta que fiz há alguns meses atrás para algumas perguntas comuns: What I recommend for learning the language are the following options: • Getting Clojure by Russ Olsen • Clojure for the Brave and True by Daniel Higginbotham Regarding modeling problems in Clojure you have: • Clojure Applied by Ben Vandgrift, Alex Miller For web apps, you can use Ring + Jetty adapter as described at . For routing, take a look at There are conversations in the community about not having a well established framework (like Spring Boot, Django, Rails, etc) in the language and how that makes difficult for beginners to assemble libraries and get something working. Nowadays, you have Leiningen (build tool) plugins that assemble them for you like although I prefer to pick my own libs as needed. There’s also and (never used them but might be worth taking a look) For dependency injection and managing state with REPL-driven dev you can see the Reloaded Workflow. I use component plus As you’re starting I’d keep it simple by 1) learning the language first. 2) Then go for ring + jetty adapter to have a simple web app handler. Then 3) add compojure for routing. Finally look at what libs Luminus, Duct, etc use and pick the ones you like for DB, etc. For SPA, there’s reagent (like “React” for ClojureScript) which is super simple. And there’s re-frame which is a front-end framework that uses reagent.

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you have also a pretty good one which in fact looks very active and (both clojurescript)