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Dennis Tel13:01:32

Hi, clojure newb here! Are there plugins for leiningen/maven that help with semantic versioning? I’m looking for something to generate a changelog and a new version number based on commit history


leiningen release process does that for you automatically

Dennis Tel13:01:50

@sgerguri If I’ve read it correctly you have to figure out yourself what kind of version increase you want to do right?


It uses a default of either :minor or :patch - I can't remember. But you can easily override that if you like.

Dennis Tel13:01:34

Awesome, thanks!

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I have this in my defproject:

:deploy-repositories [["snapshots" {:sign-releases false :url ""}]
                        ["releases"  {:sign-releases false :url ""}]]
however, running lein deploy clojars still errors saying it wants me to sign it with GPG