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Binary size notes ( is in a branch) > 2020/01/08, ..., 38.7mb / 11.3mb zipped > Added: Growth: 1.8mb / 0.4mb zipped. > 2020/01/08, 303ca9e825d76a4a45bc4240a59139d342c13964: 36.9mb / 10.8mb zipped. > Removing cheshire from bb: 36.2mb / 10.5mb zipped.


So it seems cheshire only adds 0.7mb to the binary. That's almost nothing. Adding is more significant, but maybe still worth it.


I had this bad user experience. I was repeating a valid command in the wrong directory:

bb  src/adgoji/application/cli.cljc
[line 1, col 32] Invalid symbol: src/adgoji/application/cli.cljc.
It took me a couple of desperate debug statements before I realized what was going on.. What do you think?


it's similar to what you reported earlier this week. I think we can do better there. post it in the same issue I'd say, we should probably only interpret a standalone expression as an expression when it's not a composite thing (list, vector, map, etc)


yes I agree. I'll add it to the issue


to avoid ambiguity you can always use -e or -f btw


makes sense. Thanks