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Hey, folks. What is(are) the practical difference(s) between using ring vs http with reitit?


@whoneedszzz http has easier async, but basically non-exiting 3rd party interceptor libs. with ring, there are ton’s of existing middleware libs, but async middleware is not that fun to write.


Creating interceptors from existing middleware is kinda trivial thou, here’s an example:


Pedestal has a good set of existing interceptors and one can use reitit-http with it. Goal is to eventually have most of the useful interceptors pre-packaged & integrated with the reitit/sieppari semantics with good docs, so that it would be newbie friendly. Now, just the most useful part pushed out (coercion, exceptions, formatting etc.).


All of this overlap is what's getting me. For what I'm working on currently it really doesn't matter what I use as it's so basic, but I'd like to use something that I would want to use for a larger project and learn it now.