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I'm trying to follow the getting-started guide and am getting this error when I run boot --help. Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

java.lang.IllegalStateException: trace already refers to: #'boot.util/trace in namespace: boot.user
     clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: trace already refers to: #'boot.util/trace in namespace: boot.user


I'm not a perun dev at all so I don't know if my solution is alright, but instead of (require) I used (use) to import perun's namespace. You can pass an :exclude argument like so : (use '[io.perun :exclude [trace]])


That way you won't have to type the namespace everytime like when you use :refer


Ah, I didn't even notice that in there. Thanks.

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eccentric J19:01:20

I reported this issue in the docs repo, interestingly when I tried to submit a PR to fix it, I noticed it was updated to:

 :source-paths #{"content"}
 :dependencies '[[perun "0.4.2-SNAPSHOT" :scope "test"]])

(require '[io.perun :as perun])
and run boot perrun/markdown So a fix may not have been published yet.

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boot --help works in other directories.