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hi, just started using cljsrn. I'm on a mac (mojave) with java 11, and I worked around an error with Module java-xml-bind by removing in project.clj the :jvm-opts --add-modules=java.xml.bind (which was apparently needed for jdk 9, but breaks for me with jdk 11)


Yeah, honestly, I still run into too many random libs / projects that work work with JDK 11, so I've just stuck with Java 8 in the end. Every time I try to move forward I hit another issue like that and conclude it is just not worth it. ¯\(ツ)


Hi 👋, I'm curious, is it possible to develop react native ios apps in linux?


An interesting idea @jason325 is, if you have a device running a "blank" React Native iOS app, you may be able to have it load code from a place that is not macOS.


That's using an older approach, based on Ambly, which is no longer maintained, so the question would be whether the setup you are using supports Linux.


Awesome, thx @mfikes! I'll look into that. I'm able to dual boot to Mac, but much more comfortable with my Linux setup. I was able to get Expo working, but not sure I want to deal with that as a dependency.


Cool. Yeah, if you an run macOS temporarily, you can, say make a regular re-natal project on macOS, launch it on your iOS device, and then perhaps switch over to Linux to continue working.


You can re-launch on your app on your iOS device and it will attempt to connect to Figwheel. (Or you can shake your device and reload.)


There may be nothing in re-natal that actually forces Figwheel to be running on macOS; it may be fine on Linux.


If you go that route, be sure to check out the re-natal run-ios-device real command so that the app knows the IP address of your box, and if needed, do re-natal run-ios-device or some other IP if your Linux box has a different IP address.


Great! I'll give that a try, thanks for the tip. 👍 Goes to reboot...