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@jarvinenemil can you elaborate on what you do with find usages and specifically what is missing for you? I use the tools that come with Spacemacs to refactor and navigate (Vim, iedit, narrowing, etc,), no need for specific packages. I rarely use clj-refactor, except for maybe changing parents, e.g. turning a list into a vector, etc.


I am looking for a way to "find usages" of a certain function. That is the only thing I miss. Didnt really find anything except clj-refactor which supported that.


I want to see all "places" where a certain function is used, with place I mean file and line-number.


In nearly all cases, i am perfectly happy with SPC /.


Oh my god I forgot about that one. Thank you a lot @U067P1FT2! Now I can grok even harder 😄


you're welcome. Might bring up some false positives compared to IntelliJ, but for me it was good enough™.

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Yeah, I'd love to see proper "find usages" in emacs but I also use full-text search most of the time because of lack of support. A bit annoying but kinda works. cljr-refactor isn't really usable for this. It often fails and it's quite slow


@jarvinenemil @U067P1FT2 SPC * is also nice (`SPC /` for the thing under the cursor)