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Has anyone used cljsjs/react-mdl? I have been trying to set it up, but the documentation is really lacking… I have tried (js/Slider {:min 0 :max 100 :defaultValue 50}) but I get “function Slider is undefined” I also tried (js/MaterialSlider {:min 0 :max 100 :defaultValue 50}) but I get “cannot set attribute _element of undefined” I am sure I am doing something stupid, but if someone could give me a hand I’d really appreciate it, have wasted at least 2 hrs on this...


Not sure how they do externs there, may not have the anser to your question, but probably worth peeking at


Thanks, will definitely take a look.


@scot-brown I'm also struggling to get cljsjs/react-mdl to work, but I found this helpful so far.