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Also does anyone knows any live internet community based around generative art? 😛


I wish I could find one. There's sites like and, and I've played a lot with the C++ Cinder library, but internet communities seem to be hard to find.


Are there interactive art libraries for Clojure?


@karol: there are a couple of generative art blogs around, that'd probably be the best place to look.


@nkraft: quil is definitely the big one. clearly gets used for a lot of generative art stuff. A lot of clj folks write their own. But pretty much any lib you can find in java or JS can be used in clj (some more painfully than others, esp if they're stateful in a fundamental way).


thanks for links I will check them out. Something like reddit would be great but gen art sub reddit seems to be almost dead :< It would be nice to have a place where someone could share art and check others for inspiration but sometimes we definetly cant have nice things 😛


It's been a few years since i was involved w/ those communities, but I'm sure they're still out there. You might want to ask a few of the well-known folks in that field -- it's a fairly small world. Casey Reas or Ben Fry, who co-wrote processing, would probably be good folks to ask (@REAS and @benfry respectively).


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Quil looks interesting, a lot like Cinder, actually, though probably more fun.


Because of Clojure REPL Quil is now my main tool for graphics. After having ability to modify running sketch its hard to go back to modify -> compile -> rerun cycle ;d


I agree, the REPL makes everything better. Still, for things like installation art where I might want to interface something with various bits of hardware, I seem to end up with Cinder again.


Hopefully, Clojure will catch up in low level and machine control libraries but it may never. The language was really meant for things more elegant than reading sensors.