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on iOS it is called a navigation controller


The scene name and back button names are extracted from the titles of the view controllers in it


the other buttons in the upper right are programatically added typically


in actual native code, it’s accessed from the navigationController property of any UIViewController in it, but I haven’t used in it RN yet!


thanks @mj_langford Though, I'm on Android stuff here. :) Navigator (w/o IOS suffix) doesn't seem to have sth like that. One solution were just mix of view's and text and whatever, so I'll do it like that also.


@gphilipp: thanks. Interesting, but I were looking at this file recently (found it by googling) simple_smile


Hi. What to do, if all I see on the emulator is "Waiting for Figwheel to load files."?


@andrewboltachev try checking the logs, or start debug in crome and check output to console. Probably some error occured during script evaluation


Have you seen luno example app: ? Thoght it might be useful


@drapanjanas: thanks! It isn't already "Waiting for Figwheel to load files." (I were referring to wrong NS in one place, but didn't know where to check logs). As for Chrome, I see only bunch of "Requiring / Evaluated / importJs". I had an error message once, but source weren't useful at all (I were looking at some minified JS blob). So, what logs these are, if you didn't refer to Chrome? Also, I had strange things like, e.g. when using Navigator (cross-platform one) and :renderScene didn't render (though it were evaluating, I've seen alerts). But it suddenly appeared after I selected "Debug in Chrome". Luno is really project that I were missing, will check it out straight away!


ah sorry, Luno uses Reagent, but I'm on Om Next here


Yes, I meant android logs adb logcat ... which I guess gives same content as console log in chrome


@andrewboltachev: there is another navigator i have found: . not developed with it much yet. but so far it seems preferable to the facebook navigator


thanks @jurgen_photek I've seen link to it somewhere too. I'll check it out later