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Mikko Harju05:05:54

What kind of amount of data people are considering “normal” to keep in app-db? Our current app uses it as kind-of-a-local-cache for content loaded from the backend that seldomly changes, but is this an antipattern? The current app-db size is at around 3-4 megabytes – Is this even that big? Should we really care? I’m considering to have a sideband for the cached content, and coeffect to load in the dependent information to app-db by a connection that I could pass in as a coeffect and resolve dependencies in the event handler, but I’m having second thoughts about this. The only reason I’m considering this is that the introspection of the app-db is getting a bit sluggish with re-frame-10x, and most of the stuff we hold on to in app-db is not accessed every time.


I typically put everything in the app-db by default, on the grounds that the data is going to be somewhere in any case, and the app-db is as good a place as any. I do make exceptions for data that I know will never need to be shared, like the visible/hidden state on a tooltip or a modal dialog.


Good afternoon! Anyone have suggestions on animating page transitions? It appears that changes to the react-transition-group API have made it more time consuming to drop into a project.