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If I have a configuration in my $HOME/.clojure/deps.edn file, thus: {:extra-deps: {foo-bar {:local/root "libs/foo}}}, it doesn't appear that resolution happens relative to the $HOME/.clojure" directory, I have to put the full path in, i.e., ....{:local/root "/home/foo/.clojure/libs/foo"


Is my thinking correct on this? No way for the resolution to happen relative to where the deps.edn file is?


I think that’s correct, as things will get more complex when you have transitive git deps etc.


thanks for the confirmation 🙂


I still have this exception running clojure from WSL. I've confirmed that ssh-agent is running and configured. com.jcraft.jsch.agentproxy.AgentProxyException: connector is not available: ssh-agent:jna,ssh-agent:nc Does anybody know the solution?


You need some native code to talk over Unix sockects on the jvm, which is how you interact with ssh-agent. The jsch library might not be able figure out the native code required for wsl