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I created a #qa channel where people can call out for help testing their Clojure libraries 🙂

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A seemingly interesting thought crossed my mind: What would it take to be able to use a VR headset to create any number of virtual monitors for a computer? Like right now I am sitting at my desk with 3 physical monitors in front of me. Two external and 1 laptop. Instead what if I could put on a VR headset connected to my computer to create x amount of virtual monitors that I can view by moving my body, head, or eyes? I’m not sure what would be involved but I do use apps that can turn an iPad into an external monitor so by extension I think it may be possible.

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That’s not too far off!


even more fun would be violating euclideans norms. so that left of your top monitor is not the same as the top of your left monitor


@U11BV7MTK I’m intrigued but I am not quite following. Could you please explain further?


I'd ask, "is this what you really want" lol


Hah! In theory I think it would be cool to eliminate distractions (shared office space) plus I’m already at the maximum amount of monitors I can fit on my desk. I think I would enjoy being able to have some full screen apps virtually set just outside my peripheral so I can take a quick glance when they require attention.


There's a wayland display manager that lets you place monitors on walls


Then you can walk around and look at them

dominicm17:05:29 not what I was referring to, but found while looking for it


But that’s in the physical world right? That sounds great but at a shared office space that probably wouldn’t fly. The VR Headset concept would give me more privacy and wouldn’t disturb the space or other people working on this floor.


Oooh wow! Yeah that’s almost exactly what I had in mind.

Eric Ervin21:05:42

probably off topic for your off-topic topic, but you made me remember this game dev demo

Eric Ervin21:05:38

I could swear there was a demo at a NYC Lisp or Clojure meetup where the REPL was more immersed in the environment.


Thanks for starting this thread, @U8WFYMFRU. Interesting question indeed! Today I just found this:


i’m surprised stuff like this isn’t already available! It seems like this could be a better option that could eventually replace monitors.


Oooh yeah that’s exactly what I’m talking about!

Eric Ervin00:06:35

Next the managers need to patch in to look over your virtual shoulder


I still think this is one of the best applications of VR. Virtual Trade Schools