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so, I'm trying to figure out what to pass as inputs to a library that's rather undocumented ... what's your workflow to piece things together when libs aren't using spec?


I try to google for an example using the library, or see if they have any tests. If that fails have a look at the source code, and as last resort you can just trying out things I guess.


yikes ... so, step 1: prefer alternative libraries with specs?


It's sometimes unclear if a library is good. Especially with Clojure. No recent commits could just mean it's 'done' and there has not been a reason to change anything for some time because it keeps working. Few issues could been it's also almost not used. Things like could make it more easy.


Every-time I try to post my project to Github it says : “Cannot push these commits as they contain an email address marked as private on GitHub” --- I have been using Github for 2yrs and this is the first time this has ever happen to me, when I Google the issue I only find this to be a problem w/ private repositories — but I am trying to make this a public repository (as I am learning React).

Henry13:05:28 is the private email option checked?


oops. I never even knew that page was there. Sorry. I am an idiot.

Roger Amorin Vieira17:05:21

Hi, I'm developing a application that uses with a database, for that I am using two libraries: [ :as jdbc] [java-jdbc.sql :as sql] In the sql I'm trying to do a where with an operator "<" but I had tried many things and isnt working: My code (jdbc/query database (sql/select * table-name (sql/where conditions))) conditions -> {:id ["<" 50]} Someone can help me how I pass the arguments for the sql/where?

Frank Henard18:05:00

@contato509 I'm not too familiar with the java-jdbc.sql library, but there's also a #sql channel that you might try


Is there an equivalent to (:require [… :as …]) for importing java packages? I want to use two different packages that contain classes with the exact same name like the following (which doesn’t work)

   (org.locationtech.jts.geom Point)
   (org.postgis Point))


Is the best thing just to use fully qualified names for one of them?


that's pretty much the option, yeah


luckily import is never needed - just using a class by name ensures it's loaded

Drew Verlee22:05:05

is there a way to produce a lazy sequence other then using the lazy-seq macro? for example, is loop recur naturally lazy?

Drew Verlee22:05:44

the answer seems to be no.

Drew Verlee22:05:46

right, yea. thats probably more directly what i need in this case to. thanks!


most collection functions produce lazy seqs

Michael Stokley23:05:59

anyone have a great way of using map in thread first expressions?