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Hey! I just open-sourced a tiny re-frame utility we've been using a lot at Exoscale: a pull-request queue visualizer to ensure we don't have too many in-flight PRs:


Does it have backoff for the GitHub API? I'm part of a group of organizations under the same company, five github organizations and in total ~500 github repos. Would it handle that out of the box?


I'm interested in knowing if it works out for you. We have fewer members and repos and haven't hit any limits


Late to seeing this, but I'd be interested if it had Gitlab support.


re-frame made this a successful weekend endeavor

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That's really cool @pyr! You should share it in #announcements, looks like a generally useful tool, re-frame or not 🙂

Jacob Haag21:02:10

Is there a way to pass a parameter to a subscription that does a computation? The subscription that is used for the computation takes a parameter. See example below

 (fn [db [_ category]]
   (get-in db [:cart category :item])))

 (fn [_] ; <--- this is where the param would theoretically go
   (rf/subscribe [:cart-items]))
 (fn [items]
   (count items)))


Is there any good way to make the app-db be thread local? I'm using re-frame concurrently on the clj side of things and want each request to have a clean / separate app-db


has anyone used a good declarative notification lib? all the react ones i’ve seen so far seem to want you to call addNotification or somesuch on a manager of some kind. Would be cool to throw some map in the app db, and there’s a for loop somewhere to render them. (Or am i way off base with my thinking?)