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@nowprovision: we make the distinction between replayable events and non-replayable events in our re-frame app


hey daniel, how do you do that metadata on the vector ?


@nowprovision: we have two functions, emit!, and dispatch!. dispatch is for non replayable events, emit is for replayable events, and adds to the log, then calls dispatch


ah that makes sense, simple and clean

Pablo Fernandez15:10:18

Do you have all the handlers in one file, all the subscriptions in another, all the views in another? Or do you group them by subject, like views, handlers and subscription for loging in and registering in one file and so on?


Fractal pattern, folder for each subject and each will have their own file for subs and handlers and view

Pablo Fernandez15:10:56

I think I’ll do it with one file per subject until it’s big enough. Some are very small and breaking it into several files seems to hinder navigation, not help it.

Pablo Fernandez15:10:14

My db layer is quite empty. I wonder if I’m doing something wrong here.


Yeah, i tend to have lots of files when i code in general, probably too many, so makes sense to me to only break it down when the need arises like you say