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I am not sure who to ask about this but in the cljs.analyzer is it expected for analyze-fn-methods-pass2* to be called twice(instead of once) in the repl?


@dnolen Hi David. Firstly congrats and thanks for cljs & om progress, I still cannot figure out how you can handle all this, bah. I'm gonna be offline for a week or so, and at the rate things go, I wouldn't want my patch to be too much behind. Would you be so kind to answer the ticket, so I can proceed and stfu for a while? Thankies!


@fdserr: ah those warnings are an existing problem, I missed that.


@fdserr: attach a patch for the fix you came up with, the 3 extra warnings can be addressed separately.


@dnolen: great! thx for your time 😃


A patch from @tonsky that should tested by people who are interested in this fix mostly concerned about unintended breakage in attempt to match Clojure


@dnolen: I'm having trouble reproducing an issue. How do you clean all your clojurescript builds so that you get the official ones again? I'm doing rm -r ~/.m2/repositories/org/clojure/clojurescript/ but I still get the weird behavior


that should work


make sure to rm -rf target in your checkout as well


classes often get cached there and will be on the classpath


thanks, I'm so confused I'm running this rm -r ~/.m2/repository/org/clojure/clojurescript/ && lein clean && rm -r resources/ && rm -r target/ && ./scripts/build on each run!


I got the source of the confusion. The error doesn't occur if ClojureScript needs to generate the resouces folder. If it is already there it throws an error