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Hi all! Did anyone use leiningen-jenkins plugin? Always get "Could find or load main class clojure.main" error, a bit wierd...


sorry if it's wrong channel for such things...


@zarkone: I've used it - it works for me... I think you need to provide a path to lein/the lein jar in the jenkins config page... This said it doesn't do much to make it worth using... You can just install lein on the host and shell out to it... not sure of any advantages of using the plugin... it might not fire up a new JVM so might be quicker... but I suspect it does that too...


ok just looked at the source... the plugin also fires up a JVM - so tbh you're probably better just using a shell build step


the only difference is having to put lein uberjar in the text input box instead of uberjar


@rickmoynihan thanks a lot for investigation! Agreed, it is quite easier to just install lein