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Proto REPL v 1.3.3 has been released which improves its ability to capture and view values during execution. The saved values display now includes a "def" button which lets you temporarily define vars for each of the local bindings that were captured. This makes transient bindings concrete for the purposes of debugging the code that was using them. Discuss in #C0RBXJEP5


There's an equivalent update to the proto-repl Clojure library You'll need to update your projects to version [proto-repl 0.3.0]


Also potentially BREAKING: The proto namespace is no more. It's been replaced by proto-repl.saved-values.


@jasongilman: that is The most useful feature for me in the world 😄 I use it all the time by copying the binding name and expression in a let of instance 😄


@richiardiandrea: that's great. I find it useful too 🙂. I'm guessing most people don't understand the use case yet. I want to make a screencast to describe the process I use for debugging Clojure code and how I use that.


oh that's great, I am really tempted to ditch cider...but how can I, I hope you understand.. 😄 my next goal is to have the same functionality in cider/emacs/custom function