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hey @jasongilman There is my current status on the proto-repl console. All an all it looks pretty neat for me 🙂. It feels weird to back to the other console when I am no longer testing changes jeje 😄. I still have to work out some rough edges but it looks very promising to me. I will push my changes to my fork soon so you can see what did I change. Sadly I don't think it would be practical to keep both consoles since the indirection required to do that is not minimum.


That's awesome. Nice work. I'll take a look at your code once you push it and I get some time. It looks really good.


@carocad: Nice job getting syntax highlighting working too. I need to get that working in the inline output.


@jasongilman: I just pushed it to my fork (ink-console branch). There are still things to do like linking some proto-repl commands to things in the console. But I think that the main thing is done. Let me know once have time to check it out. On an by the way, that would render both repl-text-editor and repl-history useless. I didn't delete though in case you might want to compare them.