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@jasongilman: I finally have at least something small to talk about. I did some experiments with the atom-ink console interface and managed to create a console object with all its associated icons and text colors. You can see it here: That gist is based on the code that the package-generator outputs as default. If you want to see it in action you can just create a package and copy-paste the code. It should work without a problem (provided they have the same name 'atom-foo'). BTW, is changing the proto-repl console to an atom-ink console something feasible to you? or should I rather explore the icon-only solution for the gutter on the proto-repl repl?


@carocad: that's really cool. I haven't tried it yet but I will give it a try later. I'm open to trying it in Proto REPL. I think we wouldn't replace the current REPL at first. We would make it an option in the settings. If it works out then eventually it could become the default and/or replace the existing one.


It depends on performance and what we might be giving up with the switch. If it ends up being faster and having better features then it will be an easy decision.


@jasongilman: I was just now finally able to use the console.result function so that we can get red color for exceptions and a '✓' for normal results. I also uploaded a screenshot of how it looks on my Atom. Let me know your thoughts on this and I will try to adapt it to the current Proto-repl


I definitely think it's worth trying. You could try replacing the current REPL text editor class with one that uses the console.