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oh hi @jjttjj; quick question - I saw you were working on integrating amcharts into cljsjs; did you have any luck in the end?


@jjttjj: I don't think there are any h/ui form examples, but I use this:

(form :sh+ 450 attrs :fc c/black
      :submit #(state/sign-in (:email %) (:pwd %))
      (mui/field-group :sh (r 1 1)
        (elem :fc c/red-400
          (cell= (and state/sign-in-error
                   (.-message state/sign-in-error))))
        (field :key :email :label "Email address")
        (field :key :pwd :label "Password" :type "password"))
      (elem :av :middle :ah :center :stuck_out_tongue: 8 :g pad-sm :sh (r 1 1)
        (submit button-style (mui/anchor) :label "SIGN IN"))
and it works. field-group is just a header.


Note that master has an error in wrap-submit; you need to change one of the submits to submit' or something


like this:

(defn wrap-submit [ctor]
  "set up a form context"
  (fn [{label :label submit' :submit :as attrs} elems]
    {:pre []} ;; todo: validate
    (let [data   *data*
          submit *submit*]
      (with-let [e (ctor (dissoc attrs :label :submit) elems)]
        (.addEventListener (mid e) "click" #((or submit' @submit) @data))
        (bind-in! e [in .-type]  "submit")
        (bind-in! e [in .-value] label)))))


@adamw: I never did get amcharts working with cljsjs. I can't quite remember the reason why, it might have just been being totally new to cljsjs, but also not being fully confident in if I was even dividing amcharts up correctly, I cared mainly about AmStock but I remember the AmX suite being broken up in a way that wasn't immediately obviously friendly with cljsjs. At some point I tried highcharts which just worked out of the box with cljsjs already and never really looked back. Sorry I can't be of more help there I'll check when I wake up in the morning if I still have any remnants of my AmCharts cljsjs attempts.


@adamw thanks for the form example though, exactly what i needed to see


@jjttjj: no worries, thanks! Was evaluating both and we are using an charts for the static website so seemed sensible to do the same for the app. If high charts is best then I guess it's the easy solution:slightly_smiling_face:


@adamw: my inclination would be to use a subset of d3.js rather than going for the highcharts wrappers.


i used highcharts some time ago, but ultimately found i had more control working directly with d3; it is a well-desiged api with lots of documentation and examples.


not all the features, such as the selectors and styles, make sense for use with hoplon imho. but other components, like the scale functions, might.


it would be great to have a data visualization library built on top of hoplon, perhaps leveraging some elements of d3js, someday.