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Thanks to @seancorfield the poly tool can now be installed as a clojure tool, see the section in the documentation, under “Install the Polylith Tool via the Clojure CLI”.

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I would love to be able to run tests for a specific brick using the Polylith test runner, not sure if it’s hard to add, maybe it could be implemented as a custom command if it’s not a feature you want to expose in the core API (I understand it’s a symptom of bad tests design). I’ve created an issue with more details


I replied to your issue.



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How would you describe the relationship between a view and a project? In other words, what happens when a view includes different components and bases than its project (s)?


Maybe you can ask that question again in Discussions so that it will not disappear? Then I can answer!


The last few months, when I worked in the issue-66 branch, the number of tasks to implement has been huge, so I haven’t bothered keeping the board up to date. Now when we are in a more normal situation, I will try my best to be more transparent and keep the board in a good shape. So from now on, you should be able to and see which tasks that are planned for the next release (all except for the first Backlog column), which one I’m currently working on, and which ones that have been pushed to master (the Done column). The Done column will be cleared after each release.

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