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I'm working on a PR for the poly tool to make it usable with the CLI -X option and installable as a "tool" for the -T option (in the or later CLI). This is for issue 114: -- a first draft of the PR is up and you can help me by trying it out and providing feedback:

clojure -Ttools install io.github.polyfy/polylith '{:git/sha "2a42efbd508a861a9e7a78ae25143e3ebb066942" :deps/root "projects/poly"}' :as poly
That will install poly from the latest commit on the PR. Then you can get help via the CLI:
clojure -A:deps -Tpoly help/doc
And you can create a new workspace to play with:
clojure -Tpoly create w example top-ns org.corfield
That's shorthand for clojure -Tpoly create entity workspace name example top-ns org.corfield and here's the workspace it created:
ls example/

bases  components  deps.edn  development  logo.png  projects  workspace.edn
and all the usual poly commands should work (with the CLI's EDN-based command-line arguments):
clojure -Tpoly info

  stable since: be07957

  projects: 1   interfaces: 0
  bases:    0   components: 0

  project      alias  status   dev
  --------------------------   ---
  development  dev     s--     s--

  interface  brick   dev
  ----------------   ---

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Cool. I added a comment in the PR.


I don't see it. Link?


Now you should see it.


Yup. Responded to both comments.


There's an updated version of the tool in the PR, in case anyone wants to try it:

clojure -Ttools install io.github.polyfy/polylith '{:git/sha "2a42efbd508a861a9e7a78ae25143e3ebb066942" :deps/root "projects/poly"}' :as poly


I left a comment in the PR.