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Hi all! 👋 I’m hiring for two mid/senior Clojure roles on my team at Qantas Hotels. I work on our Search team which is responsible for building and maintaining specialised APIs to distribute Hotel rates across our business. The team has been using Clojure for 4 years and currently looks after 15 Clojure services. We adopt a pragmatic approach to development and value a high level of team ownership over process and technical decisions. Qantas Hotels has a dedicated office in Melbourne but we are seeking remote applicants across AU. Previous Clojure experience not required, just a keen interest to learn. Please DM me if you are interested or with any questions you may have. Cheers!

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There’s a more official job ad here as well for your reference:


@U011RUXA0SZ does this answer your question?

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I suppose also @UR37CBF8D, if you're still looking

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