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Pepijn de Vos12:08:07

My god... how to deal with a rogue recursive function? Everything is spinning its wheels and there doesn't appear to be a kill switch.


There is a command for interrupting running evaluations. Shortcut ctrl+alt+c ctrl+alt+d, iirc, otherwise search the command palette.

Pepijn de Vos12:08:38

Ah I was searching for kill and stop and halt but not interrupt

Pepijn de Vos12:08:28

Also... it doesn't work... just keeps on running

Pepijn de Vos12:08:39

This is a browser repl if it matters


Hmmm, maybe it does.


Dear Calva-friends. Clojurists Together have created this Long term funding model where they fund developers for a full year. The developers selected (there are 6 slots) will receive $1.500 (USD) per month without there being a need for specifying a project or something like that. Largely the fundees are expected to keep up the good work, if I understand this correctly. OK, so why I am I telling you this? Well, maybe you didn’t know about it, right? This is good to know about, and by using Calva (or helping others who use Calva) you are using open source work. Not just mine and @brandon.ringe’s , Calva is built from the hard work or a lot of people, as you can learn about in the video I linked in the Throwback Friday post. You can read in this #gratitude post about how important Clojurists Together has been, and is, for Calva: Yes, there is one more reason I mention this. 😄 I want you to check out this Clojurists Together blog update about the long term funding model: And find that Calva is represented twice among the candidates! OMG. Of course, with so many awesome candidates there is not a very big chance we will get selected, but hey, the honour of being on that list. Priceless.

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