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Has anyone used :db.type/uri Datomic attribute value type in their application? I wondering if it would make sense to store email addresses, using this type (and create them using (.URI. "mailto:[email protected]") Was there any benefits over just using strings? (I've enquired about this here too so u can answer there too)

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Hey all, I'm going through the tutorial and I noticed an issue with one of the examples early on. I'm not sure about the best place to report or create a fix.


Pop me a link and I will fix it.


hello @jeroen.dejong I found this in the archives

thumbnail: Datomic Analytics is really cool! Is it possible to expose created-at/updated-at like attributes on the tables?
Just curious as to what solution you ended up going with


The most feasible solution would be to manually keep 2 attributes in sync (possible with a dbfn). I had trouble exposing the transactions themselves


I really didn’t want to have to do that 😭. Thanks, I’ll try that