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I’m just curious about a thing. Do users of the poly tool use the latest version of tools.deps and live with the warnings you get, or do you use an older version? ( @allandaviesza and others)


I'm currently living with the warnings

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We'll modify our project once the version of the poly tool that is kinder to tools.deps is released


Yes, I’m currently working on it @allandaviesza in the issue-66 branch. The tool will be backward compatible with the current tools.deps format, so that you can go back in time with git checkout and still view older versions of the project and use commands like info ,`libs`and deps. I will modify the current poly-migrator tool so that it can migrate from :toolsdeps1 (which is what I call the current version in the code) to :toolsdeps2(next version) which will support the new format that uses :local/root when specifying the bricks in a project. I also realised that it would simplify the migration from the old Leiningen version if the tool could read that format too, which is almost fully implemented in the issue-66 branch. A result of this is that people who still use the old Leiningen based version can use all commands in the poly tool except the create command, and when migrating to the new version, the old code can still be visualized by the poly tool, which I think is kind of cool.


It would also be interesting to hear more about your experience with Polylith so far.


hey folks! I came across polylith and decided to give it a try by migrating one of our microservices to use it (hopefully the others will follow 🙂 ). I was able to setup a workspace and put everything under a base from our project and tried to run the tests with clojure -M:poly test :all :dev but I got the following error Unknown library type: git which is coming from (I’m using Sean’s project as a base) and caused by the fact that one of the project’s deps is defined using git/url in deps.edn. My the question would be that it is possible to use git deps with polylith or it is against the principles and these should be migrated to be a component?


Hi @UBS3FD77A and thanks for reporting this problem. This is something that I expected to work! We will have a look :-)


Great, thanks 😊 I was able to work around it for now using local deps


Okay, great! And as a side note. The issu-66is not 100% production ready, and I will make some breaking changes in the inner format (what you get when executing e.g. poly ws out:ws.edn ) so if you start using it from that branch, then the output of this file will change a bit over time + small refactorings of the workspace.edn config file will also happen. But for people who only work from the master branch, a migration tool will take care of all this the day the branch is merged/released to master.


Thanks for the heads-up, I'll use master then 😊

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Hi, I spotted great piece of work here and I just created for ease installation for those using ARCH Linux distro.


Nice that you like Polylith, and thanks for contributing to it!


@U11EL3P9U Helped me a bit with polishing it. Thanks!