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I see "speed as a habit" as a requirement, and wonder how far I am from the "market expectations" ...


I'm quite far from market expectations, and I don't like both approaches. :)


if you like either, you don't like both


It always amused and annoyed me how many companies I interviewed with had the words “fast paced environment” in the job description yet when I went to work there it was all about the bureaucracy.

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I like this manifesto since it seems the same thing Paradoxically our current team is kind of doing that in practice, in a bureaucratic organization. But since the answer take long it seems like it's not getting us anywhere.


yeah, the attitude that expects people to be fast doesn't really care about the fact that all these people are workers and when you put in your soul in some mundane projects because you really want to get it done before the unrealistic deadline, you will very soon realizethat 'speed as a habit' do not under any circumstance ever means that your managers will be speedy reacting to your work, unless of course you indeed make mistakes or be late

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