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i’ve found cursive + lein checkouts to be a little unpredictable. it seems sometime as if there’s some hidden state, or there’s something i’m very subtly doing wrong/differently in each case. does anyone else have data on this? tips/arcana? it unfortunately seems to boil down to “sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t”, which i know isn’t very useful. when it doesn’t work, i don’t get errors. rather, it seems as if the checked-out project is added to my intellij workspace (such that its namespaces show up when opening a namespace — twice, in fact — and its files are in my left-hand Project display pane). weirder, changing the checked-out source does change the REPL behavior. cursive, however, goes to my .m2 jar, if any, when asked to jump to the definition of the checked-out code, and, when i open the source files from the checked-out project, cursive is not willing to reload them, with It is not in scope for the module used to start the REPL.


if any of this is familiar, any info would be great!


FWIW, the checked-out project seems to be added to my intellij state by cursive, so it does, fundamentally, recognize that checkouts exist. it’s not just blithely ignoring them such that they only have any effect on the lein repl itself.