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Miki Goyal12:04:13

Hey team...I run engineering for a 100% Clojure shop focused on building software to accelerate drug delivery. Amazing People, tremendous market success and a mission that doesn't make it feel like work every day. Lots of openings from SE to Staff level...apply or reach out to me directly, happy to chat.

Célio Cidral12:04:32

Hi @U0128GU4FJN, I suppose this position is available only to candidates with US work permit, correct?

Miki Goyal13:04:05

Please DM me and we can discuss...

Adam K-L15:04:03

@U0128GU4FJN I also have a similar question as I’m based out of Canada.

Adam Carolan16:04:31

Hey Everyone!  Wefarm are looking for a Tech Lead for our brand new Machine Learning team! We offer fully remote working (+-2hours UTC), early stage options and great benefits too! You can find more details here or feel free to DM me directly for more info 🙂