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@curtosis Make sure you understand clojure syntax. :foo/bar is a normal namespaced keyword with foo being the namespace. ::foo/bar however resolves to the namespace of the alias foo


@rauh I do understand that. What I wasn’t getting (but do now) was how the default-interceptors interacted with ::http/interceptors – specifically, that ::http/interceptors takes manual control and doesn’t include the defaults.


which was sort of what you were saying, but it didn’t quite parse for me there. got it now!


What is returned by :find (pull ?e [*]) in a #vase/query? It seems to have more levels of nesting than I see in the Datomic pull documentation. I'm just ignoring the seemingly unused bits of the structure, but this feels like I'm doing something very wrong:

(defn response-from-pull [pull-response]
  (let [relevant (first pull-response)
        cruft1 (next pull-response)
        cruft2 (not-empty (remove nil? (map next relevant)))]
    (when (or cruft1 cruft2)
      (prn "ERROR: Unexpected pull response: " pull-response))
    (mapv first relevant)))


[*] returns a map containing all top level keys of an entity plus the keys of any component attributes.