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statistics newbie, is there a way to kind of reduce the amount of data by averaging, say, 10 rows at the time?


you can use partition to select groups of 10 rows, and then map a function over each group that will average them. That's not Incanter--just Clojure.


Yeah true, I thought it would be such a common use case to have a name 😀


I guess there might be something like that in Incanter. You could also use Specter, I think.


So if I have a line chart, how can I get the points on the same plot?

(line-chart :commit key
                    :title title
                    :group-by :kind
                    :x-label "Commit"
                    :y-label "ms"
                    :legend true)
Results in:


... but I'd like to overlay the actual data points on the chart. However :commit is a string; it feels like add-points is the way to go here, but I don't know my way around this stuff at all. Feeling quite stupid!