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@lucian303 What is wrapping the GET?


@curlyfry it's in a context inside a defroutes ... apparantely that should have been a defapi, it seems. thanks for your help. i didn't realize it until i went back to look more closely at the code


@lucian303 :thumbsup: No problem


Anyone know of a good example using luminus and jetty for server sent events? Not sure If I should follow the ring docs and return a three arg handler or the qubits/jet docs and return an async channel … neither seem to work for me and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thanks in advance.


@juliobarros haven't played with jet in a while, one thing to check might be the middleware you have around the route


I know for ws routes, stuff like restful middleware will conflict


you could try with immutant as well unless jetty is a requirement


Thanks @yogthos Jetty is a semi-requirement since client is used to it and managing self signed certs in their env. My thought was the middleware … but I haven’t gotten it to work yet even by stripping things out … will have to sleep on it. Thanks again.