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I foolishly did a git reset --hard without saving uncommitted work. Afterwards, I hoped that Emacs/Spacemacs could save me through some sort of undo/history/backup functionality, but I failed to find a solution. Now I read that Emacs keeps backup files (ending with ~) around by default, and, since many users are annoyed by them, they can be turned off... I've never noticed such backup files. Does Spacemacs generate backup files by default, and if so, where can I find them? And if not, is this some functionality available to me in Spacemacs that I can turn on somehow?


@reefersleep It's always generated them for me (without me messing w/ relevant settings), in the same dir as the files. foo.clj becomes .foo.clj.~undo-tree~.


undo-tree-visualize should get you into it (`SPC a u`, at least for me).


Hello, guys! I want to walk through java source code of clojure, but seems to spacemacs can’t do it. Anyone solved this issue?